White Collar Crimes

Facing a white collar crime investigation is intimidating and the law enforcement task forces that are investigating are well equipped in both technology and highly trained personnel. Many people believe that only “executives” are the focus of white collar crime, but this simply is not true. Anyone involved in a situation that is business oriented is exposed. Insurance fraud, Mortgage fraud, Tax fraud, Internet scams, Copyright and Trademark infringement, Counterfeit goods, Money laundering, federal, state, or local tax stamp fraud, Possession of stolen property, Loan fraud, Consumer fraud, Financial Institution fraud, Political Campaign crimes, Medicare/Medicaid fraud are just examples of the list of White Collar crimes.  Managers and assistants, Bosses and workers, Elected officials, Appointed Officials, accountants tax preparers, real estate agents, cashiers, secretaries and sales associates may need the services of a Federal or Chicago, Illinois white collar crime attorney.

When should you consider hiring the WIGELL CRIMINAL DEFENSE team?

White collar crimes are pursued aggressively by federal  and state prosecutors. The FBI, Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspectors, Illinois Attorney General, spend countless hours gathering information. Too often, people who are under investigation often provide information that may later help the investigators prove the charges against them. Keep in mind, many white collar crimes are investigated by Federal agencies which means you need an attorney who understands Federal Criminal laws and procedures as well as Illinois Criminal laws and procedures.

Some of the charges that may come out of an investigation include:

  • Embezzlement – even a few dollars here and there out of petty cash can ultimately lead to charges of embezzlement. Something as simple as using a company vehicle for a family trip could potentially lead to embezzlement charges.
  • Insider trading – your friend gives you a tip on a hot stock and before you know it, you are under investigation by the SEC for insider trading.
  • Obstruction of justice – a colleague asks you to take some files home for him to pick up later and you don’t think anything about it until you find they are being investigated. Unbeknownst to you, these files are critical to the investigation and you are now being charged with obstruction.
  • Fraud- Insurance, Tax, Medicare/Medicaid, Loan, Mortgage, Consumer, Stock, Financial Institution fraud.
  • Money Laundering-  The use of a “legal” business or entity to wash clean money or goods obtained illegally.
  • Possession/sale of Counterfeit goods – often involves copyright or trademark infringed goods


If you are under investigation any white collar crime, you need to contact an experienced white collar crime attorney immediately. Wigell Criminal Defense has represented persons accused of white color crimes for decades.  Our team approach is essential to the analysis of these complicated cases.  We have forensic accountants and other experts at the ready.

Do not allow an investigator to intimidate you into making any statements that may harm your potential defense. If you find you are under investigation for any suspected white collar crime, contact the Wigell Criminal Defense ASAP.  Regardless of how bad it appears we can review, investigate and work with you to mount a defense to any and all charges you, your friend or family menber may be facing.

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