Violent Crimes

A youthful indiscretion, an argument gone out of control or defending yourself against an intruder can all lead to criminal charges under Illinois violent crimes laws. Self Defense is often wrongfully interpreted as aggression.  A Self Defense situation can turn into you being charged for aggravated battery or attempt murder.  If you, a friend or a family member is charged with a violent crime, you will need to seek immediate assistance from a Chicago violent crimes attorney who understands the Criminal laws and procedures, who will listen to your side of the story and defend you aggressively.

Why retain Attorney Raymond Wigell and the WIGELL CRIMINAL DEFENSE team?

At WIGELL CRIMINAL DEFENSE, we understand that prosecutors in Cook County, Chicago and in the other 101 counties in  Illinois are going to prosecute violent crimes aggressively. However, we also understand that for every violent incident, there are not just two sides but many sides or versions to every story.   Through review of all of the facts and circumstances in a case is an important step in the analysis of a criminal case.  Options and approaches can then begin to be prepared for the protection of the accused.

A violent crime conviction can have a serious impact on someone’s life including a potential life-long criminal record that has to be disclosed each time you apply for a job, a loan or for housing. Unfortunately, even a bar fight can result in a felony charge of a violent crime. This is why it is important to hire an attorney who will listen to you in a non-judgmental way.  Meticulous preparation and then presentation in court are paramount in protecting your rights.  As a Chicago violent crimes attorney, Attorney Raymond Wigell and the WIGELL CRIMINAL DEFENSE team understands the Criminal laws and procedures and knows how to defend you regardless of the seriousness of the charges you may be facing.

Serious penalties for Chicago violent crimes

The penalties for a violent crime can be very serious, ranging from up to one year in prison for a misdemeanor conviction to many years in prison for a felony. In addition, those convicted of a violent crime often face additional hurdles finding a suitable job. More often than not, employers are not open to hire someone who has been convicted of a violent crime.

Just because a person is charged with a crime, it does not automatically mean the prosecutor can prove their case. Charges are allegations that must be supported by the facts and circumstances before presented in court.  You need a defense attorney who will listen to the facts, conduct a through investigation and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutions case.

Too often, defendants or their friends and families) are convinced to enter a plea before they have consulted with an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of giving up and entering a plea without first having WIGELL CRIMINAL DEFENSE  review your case. If you find you are facing criminal charges that appear hopeless do not concede guilt of the violent crime contact Raymond G. Wigell Ltd. for assistance.  A review your case and mounting a strong defense against violent crimes charges is needed to protect your rights..

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