Cyber Crime – Sex Crimes and Internet Crimes

Millions of dollars have been allocated by to Federal and state agencies to investigate Cyber and Internet crimes.  These investigations focus on the use of the Internet to examine your commuter hard drive and storage media.  Law enforcement has the technology to monitor your communications regarding criminal activity.  Law enforcement uses the information to provide probable cause for search warrants.  A brief list of potential charges includes possession, delivery and manufacture of child pornography, money laundering, Internet Scams, Internet piracy, Hacking, Solicitation of minors, Human Trafficking, and many other sex and White Collar crimes.

If you, a friend or a family member are under investigation for a Cyber Crime, it is important to understand how serious the consequences may be.  A conviction could result in a long prison sentence even if this is the persons first offense. Loss of freedom is at stake. Conviction of sex and child pornography crimes also require registration as a sex offender and in most cases the registration is for life.  The longer term consequences can be devastating including ruining your employment opportunities. Wigell Criminal Defense has decades of experience in representing persons under investigation and charged with Cyber crimes. We understand that getting caught up in the net cast by law enforcement can be the worst experience in a person’s life.  We are committed to being non-judgmental and to protecting your rights regardless of the accusations.

Hiring a Chicago Cyber Crime Attorney

Prosecutors with help from Federal and Illinois task forces have aggressive tools at their disposal to investigate and charge.  Internet service providers(ISP), software companies, music & movie companies assist the task forces in aggressively pursuing Internet charges. Oftentimes, people facing Cyber charges are not even aware they have done anything wrong. You, your loved one, your employee and perhaps you operate from the premise that the Internet is private and secure.  The Internet is NOT private, it is NOT secure.

Internet sex crimes are challenging to deal with because they may take many forms. Pornographic images may be sent to you via email, to your smart phone, they may appear in a legitimate search or they may be “masked” in a download. Unfortunately, if your computer is seized for any reason and pornographic images of children are found, you could be facing serious jail time and fines.

Why Hire Attorney Raymond Wigell?

As one of the top Chicago cyber crime attorneys, Raymond Wigell understands how Cyber/Internet crimes are prosecuted. He also understands that all of the facts must be reviewed carefully to determine what evidence was used to charge you with a crime. We have the top forensic computer and cell phone experts available. Only when these experts review the discovery provided by the government and the data contained in the media information can they help determine how you came to be in possession of Internet child pornography, or text, email, pics, vids or pirated software, music or movies.

Cyber crime charges are not to be taken lightly. If you have had your computer seized for investigation, it is imperative you contact a cyber crime attorney who understands how critical it is to get to the facts. You need someone who will search for the facts surrounding your case in a non-judgmental manner and help you fight the charges against you.


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