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Mr. Raymond G. Wigell is the best of the best. He’s very trust worthy, knowledgeable and caring. Actually his entire office has the same attributes as him. They are the best. I did’nt know how he was going to save me from going away, but when I tell you he showed up in the court room and showed out. I mean he did a magnificent job. He is a man of integrity. I thank attorney Kirk Feuer for referring me to Mr. Wigell. Kirk said if he ever got in trouble Wiegell is the attorney he would use because he knows the law now that speaks volume. I highly recommend Raymond every where I go. He knows the law better than the Judge what more can you ask for. Thanks Raymond and I say that with much respect you made my family have the best Christmas by being able to have me at home. NOT GUILTY ON ALL ACCOUNTS I THANK GOD FOR YOU.

- (5 star review)

Exceptional Criminal defense attorney!

In my personal experience with Mr. Wigell, he is an exceptional attorney. He provided me with a wonderful outcome, and I am forever grateful. He applied his 30 plus years of experience and knowledge towards my situation and seems extremely dedicated and passionate about his work. I also appreciated the time he took with me to go over my case as well as in answering all of my questions so that I was at ease throughout the process. It also seems as though he is extremely reputable and very well respected among his peers. I would recommend Mr . Wigell to anyone in need of a trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced, caring yet aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Client

Raymond G Wigell is an extraordinary and powerful Defense Attorney dedicated to the precept Innocent until Proven Guilty.
Within the first moments of consultation, it becomes apparent Mr. Wigell is an accomplished trustworthy Attorney with high ethics and integrity focused on protecting and defending the given rights of individuals.
Experienced, knowledgeable, disciplined and patient simply begin to describe Mr. Wigell, his Law Firm and the practice of Criminal Defense. Importantly, Mr Wigell is an extremely effective communicator explaining every situation in concise detail with dignified empathy.
Through Mr. Wigell I learned criminal defense law practice is a process and first hand I observed and then recognized Mr. Wigell’s complete command of the law; tenaciously developing and introducing workable law solutions then carefully executing the defense process flawlessly taking into consideration all present and future ramifications.
As clients, we have expectations and I now know Mr. Wigell has even higher expectations leaving no stone unturned relentlessly challenging the burden of proof.
Achieving a favorable outcome, Mr. Wigell and his Team consistently proved to be exceedingly diligent and powerful counsel throughout the entire defense process.

- (5 star review)

Criminal Defense worth every penny

He saved me. I was on the brink of breakdown, thought all was lost. Raymond pulled off some magic in the court room. Less than 1% of cases like mine get similar rulings. I was so lucky and glad to hire Raymond. Thank you Raymond. I highly recommend to anyone in need of Criminal Defense

- (5 star review)

He was wonderful!

Mr. Wigell helped my teenage child tremendously. We didn’t know what to expect and we were very nervous. But Mr. Wigell and his assistant lawyer Ms. Huma Rashid were very kind and thorough. Mr. Wigell was professional, competent, knowledgeable, experienced, and down to earth. He was also funny, which helped us feel relaxed. He not only brought the best possible result for us, he also showed great care for my child’s future. I really appreciated it. I highly recommend him and Ms. Huma!

- (5 star review)

one of the best lawyer in chicago

Raymond is the perfect lawyer I never met a lawyer that keep he word like raymond . He is smart funny and know the law and that’s the key thing knowing the law I seen and meet many lawyer raymond work is out standing and his team is for you from fraud to murder to tax fraud his back ground speaks for it self please if you have any legal matters call Raymond

- (5 star review)

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