Potential Sentence: Methamphetamine Conspiracy (Class X) 6-30 Years; Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor (Class 2 Felony 3-7 Years) WCD Result: Class X Charge dismissed; 30 Months Drug Court Probation (No Felony Conviction upon Successful Completion)

Our client was arrested and charged with Methamphetamine Conspiracy and Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor in Dewitt County. Specifically, our client was accused of participating in a Methamphetamine Conspiracy with several other co-defendants. It was alleged her role was to acquire cough medicine from the local pharmacy and provide it to the other co-defendants so they could use the cough medicine to cook Methamphetamine. The arrests stemmed from a lengthy Illinois State Police Drug Task Force Investigation and Surveillance Operation. The client also suffered from serious drug addiction issues. Realizing the complexity and seriousness of her case, the client hired Wigell Criminal Defense to represent her.

After entering the case, the case proceeded to a preliminary hearing. The lead investigator of the Illinois State Police testified at the preliminary hearing. Effective cross-examination by Attorney Jim DiQuattro of WCD at the preliminary hearing revealed multiple weaknesses and inconsistencies in the State’s case. As a result of the weaknesses and inconsistencies exposed by the preliminary hearing, the attorneys of Wigell Criminal Defense immediately began preparing the case for trial.

The State’s Attorney in the case acknowledged the multiple weaknesses in its case and approached the attorneys of WCD with a very interesting proposition. The State offered the client 30 months of Drug Court Probation if she agreed to become a cooperating State witness.

The client acknowledging her drug addiction issue and willingness to accept other conditions, accepted the proposition. Prior to entering the plea, the client with WCD met with the lead investigator of The Illinois State Police for a proffer. A proffer is when the individual participates in an interview with the prosecutor and/or officers of the investigating Law Enforcement Agency. The purpose of this interview is for the individual to provide information to the Prosecution and or/police to assist in their investigation and in this case to help build a case against the co-defendants. At this meeting, the client provided the Investigator with all the information she knew about the Meth Conspiracy and the nature of her role.

The client was placed on 30 months Drug Court Probation and the Class X charge was dismissed. Additionally, the client’s conviction will be vacated upon her successful completion of the Drug Court probation program and certain conditions.

Client was overjoyed with the outcome and was also very dedicated to getting the help she needed to treat her long term drug addiction. The client was grateful for all of the hard work of the attorneys of Wigell Criminal Defense which lead to this extraordinary result. The client will now be able to get the help that she needs to ultimately overcome her drug addiction thus giving her a second chance at life.

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