Charges: I. Indecent Solicitation of a Child-Class 3 Felony (2-5 Years IDOC); II.Grooming-Class 4 Felony (1-3 Years IDOC); III.Traveling to Meet a Minor-Class 3 Felony (2-5 Years IDOC); IV. Solicitation to Meet a Child-Class 4 Felony (1-3 Years IDOC); Result-24 Months Probation-NO JAIL TIME

Client was accused of soliciting an underage girl on the internet to meet to engage in sexual activity. This underage girl turned out to be an undercover police officer who arrested our client at the scene of an arranged meeting.  Client was charged with a multitude of sex related offenses including indecent solicitation of a child, grooming, traveling to meet a minor and solicitation to meet a child.  All the charges were classified as follows:

A Class 4 felony carries a prison sentence of 1-3 years in the penitentiary. A Class 3 felony carries a prison sentence of 2-5 years in the penitentiary.

After being arrested, the client contacted Wigell Criminal Defense to take the case.  Wigell Criminal Defense accepted the case and vowed to aggressively defend the client.

After analyzing the discovery and weighing the client’s options, it was determined that it was in the client’s best interest that Wigell Criminal Defense engage in aggressive negotiations with the State’s Attorney assigned to the case. The reason for pursuing this method was that a review of the discovery determined that the evidence against the client was overwhelming and a conviction at trial with significant prison time were highly likely.

Despite the overwhelming nature of the prosecution evidence, Wigell Criminal Defense Holistic Strategies resulted in a favorable outcome for the client. The State’s Attorney agreed to a disposition of 24 months’ probation and that the client was required to register for 10 years as opposed to a lifetime registration requirement and most importantly NO JAIL TIME.

All prison time was completely avoided in this situation. The client was satisfied with the result and pleased that he would not have to serve any time in the penitentiary.  Client and his family were grateful for the work of Wigell Criminal Defense.  They were grateful for attorneys that cared and did everything possible to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances given.

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