Charge: 6th Violation of Probation Result: Probation Terminated Satisfactorily-NO JAIL TIME

Client was on probation for assault and battery. Client incurred various probation violations during the course of his mandated time.  After his 6th violation, the client was facing the strong possibility of being taken off probation and sentenced to jail time.  The nature of the 6th violation was premised upon the fact that the client failed two required drug tests.  Facing the reality of probable incarceration, client contacted Wigell Criminal Defense the day before his next court date to help mitigate the situation.  Wigell Criminal Defense took the case and made arrangements to be present with the client in court the next day.

After arriving at court and speaking with the client, Attorney DiQuattro of Wigell Criminal Defense determined that client had a drug addiction issue that resulted in the failed drug test. Attorney DiQuattro spoke to the State’s Attorney assigned to the case who maintained the position that they would be seeking jail time for the client.  The Judge was also in agreement with the State’s position on the matter at that time.

After obtaining a continuance and investigating the matter further, Attorney DiQuattro spoke with the client’s probation officer regarding the client’s matter. After a meaningful conversation, the probation officer was willing to support Attorney DiQuattro’s position that the client should be given another chance to complete his probation successfully despite the 6th violation.

At the next court date, Attorney DiQuattro conveyed to the Judge of the client’s drug addiction issue and the probation officer’s position supporting the client. Attorney DiQuattro also brought to the Judge’s attention that the client was in an out-patient drug rehabilitation center and had successfully passed three subsequent drug tests since the 6th violation.

The Judge took the aforementioned facts presented by Attorney DiQuattro into consideration and allowed the client one more chance to complete his probation absent any further violations. After a few more court dates, client was able to get back on track with his probation and the Judge terminated the probation satisfactorily.

Client was grateful for Attorney DiQuattro’s zealous representation and his application of Wigell Criminal Defense Holistic Strategies. These aspects allowed the client to successfully complete his probation despite a 6th violation and avoid any jail time when all odds appeared to be against him.

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