Violation of SWAP-SWAP Reinstated

Just hours before the court appearance, Paul C. called Wigell Criminal Defense in a panic.   Paul C. (Not his real name) previously plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense of disorderly conduct.  As a requirement of the sentence of the plea, Paul C. was required to complete 30 hours of S.W.A.P.

S.W.A.P (Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program) is a program where individuals charged with DUI or other misdemeanor offenses can have the opportunity to perform community service instead of serving a sentence of jail time. Individuals involved in this program work on a variety of public works projects such as cleaning up various parks, streets, and other public property.  Individuals work under the supervision of the Sheriff’s department of the county their case is pending in.

Paul C. did not complete the S.W.A.P requirement in the time mandated under the conditions of the plea and the State filed a violation. After conferring with Paul C. and working out the logistics of making the same day court appearance, Wigell Criminal Defense accepted the case and appeared with him at Markham Courthouse.

After arriving at the courthouse, Attorney DiQuattro, connected with the emotional client and consulted with him as to the circumstances surrounding the situation. Attorney DiQuattro learned that a series of unfortunate events prevented Paul C. from signing up for S.W.A.P.   Attorney DiQuattro then subsequently filed his appearance and then immediately engaged in discussion with the Assistant State’s Attorney assigned to the case.  The ASA offered Paul C. 15 days in Cook County Jail.  The State maintained their position and would not agree to allow Paul C. to have a second chance at completing the S.W.A.P. requirement.

After assessing the magnitude of the situation, Attorney DiQuattro using his knowledge of Wigell Criminal Defense Holistic Strategies began strategizing methods to prevent Paul C. from being taken into custody at Cook County Jail.

After careful and meticulous preparation, Attorney DiQuattro had the case called and brought the matter before the Judge. Attorney DiQuattro conveyed to the Judge that Paul C. should be given another opportunity to complete S.W.A.P and that a jail sentence was not appropriate under the circumstances.  After consideration of defense arguments, the Judge dismissed the violation and reinstated the condition of S.W.A.P.  The Judge also allowed Paul C. an extended period of time to the complete all the requirements of S.W.A.P.

Paul C. was ecstatic and very grateful for Attorney DiQuattro’s methodical preparation and zealous representation of his case. Paul C. then subsequently registered for S.W.A.P and was immediately assigned to a project to complete the required 30 days.

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