Case dismissed on first court date-Possession of Misdemeanor Marijuana

On March 26th, 2015, Wigell Criminal Defense through its Associate Attorney Jim DiQuattro, appeared at the Cook County Courthouse located on Belmont and Western in Chicago on behalf of a client, a college student who was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Having never been in trouble with the law, our client was fearful that this charge would tarnish his record and would cause great difficulty in obtaining a job after graduation.

Wigell Criminal Defense accepted his case and was able to obtain a positive outcome for the client. After arriving at the courthouse and speaking with the client, Attorney DiQuattro filed his appearance with the court clerk as client’s attorney of record. Immediately after filing his appearance, Attorney DiQuattro engaged in discussion with the Assistant State’s Attorney about the client’s case and analyzed the strength of the State’s case against the client. Attorney DiQuattro was able to secure a dismissal of the case. Attorney DiQuattro was able to determine that the State’s key witness, the arresting officer was not present which was the crux of the State’s case against the client.

After this fact was brought to the attention of the Judge and his attorney’s timely speedy trial demand, the Judge ordered an immediate dismissal of the case. The client was very grateful for Attorney DiQuattro’s diligent and zealous representation which ultimately protected and preserved his clean criminal record. The next step will be to file a Petition for expungement of the arrest.

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